Basic care and maintenance instructions for your Fountain Pen:

  • Do not allow ink to dry out in the nib, as this will reduce and eventually stop the flow of ink.
  • Wash the nib occasionally after use as follows: Remove the ink cartridge then hold the nib under lukewarm running water. Dry it carefully with paper tissue.
  • Use Manuscript European size ink cartridges
  • Never use waterproof or pigmented inks, which will clog your pen.
  • Do not drop or knock your pen against a hard surface. To avoid accidental damage, replace the cap after use.
  • Always carry a fountain pen with the nib pointing upwards.

Hints and tips to encourage ink flow in any Fountain pen from the Manuscript range:

  • Ensure the cartridge is pushed firmly up into place.
  • To encourage the ink to come down to the nib: hold the pen vertically with the tip of the nib pointing down over scrap paper and tap the tip of the nib repeatedly on the paper for up to 25 seconds until the ink comes through.
  • If the pen does not start to write after this you can also try squeezing the cartridge gently and carefully over scrap paper until the ink comes down to the nib! Take care as there is danger some might spill!If you do create a blob of ink on the paper you can dip the nib into this to encourage flow.